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Create Custom Cleaning Checklists for Any Space

GuestClean™ Checklist Builder enables anyone to create an effective, time saving, cleaning checklist within a few clicks.  Get started by adding details of the space you are cleaning. Then select what you want to clean from a growing database of step by step procedures provided by industry experts. Send the completed checklist to others or start cleaning yourself following along on any device. When all cleaning is done GuestClean™ Checklist Builder automatically creates a beautiful report which can be emailed or printed for sharing with an incoming guest or client.

Provide Better Stays & Increase Review Ratings with GuestClean™ Checklist Builder

Hosts in the Sharing Economy are expected to provide a clean space for their guest but aren’t provided many directions on how to. Most hire professional cleaning companies to ensure a standard is met but only find out of issues when a guest complains and their reputation has already been damaged.

GuestClean™ Checklist Builder solves this problem by providing a clear set of procedures suitable for any space which ensures everything is checked, cleaned and disinfected properly, for every guest, each time.

Easy to Use Tools & Rich, Informative Resources Available 24/7

Mobile Friendly

Access procedures, build custom cleaning checklists and send GuestClean™ Reports from any device with an internet connection.

Build Custom Cleaning Checklists

No matter the space, you can build a custom cleaning checklist for it. Choose which procedures you want and start cleaning in minutes

Save Time & Increase Efficiency

All cleaning checklists automatically sort into an order that ensures all tasks are presented in an order to be completed that saves time.

Easy Step by Step Tasks

Point form, step by step instructions provided for every procedure that anyone can understand. Access the procedures database and see visual examples of each step if need be.

Detailed Cleaning Reports

Once you have completed all tasks in your cleaning checklist a PDF report is automatically created and emailed to yourself and/or the guest or client. You can easily print off the report to be left as a receipt.

Promote Your Space or Company as Providing Safe & Clean Guest Experiences

We make it easy to share with potential guests or clients your dedication to providing a safe and clean guest experience with unique resources designed to be shared. Stand out from others and book more stays.

All those who use GuestClean™ Checklist Builder are encouraged to download banners and badges provided through our resources page to advertise on their websites, online listings or social media.

Get more Bookings, Provide Better Guest Experiences & Increase Reviews on all popular Hosting Sites.

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